The Drumaniacs — Interrupted Life


The Drumaniacs — Interrupted Life [15.07.2014]

Collaboration between 2 members of Re:Sample crew Beatdiggah & ooZee. The Drumaniacs — instrumental project. The main idea was to make beats with samples given to each other. So, this is a result of collective work. 3 Beatdiggah beats, 3 ooZee beats, Interrupted Life EP.

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M-Dot, Snowgoons, Jaysaun, Journalist 103 / Still Real & Raw / Video


Our good friend from Boston M-Dot has new video with Snowgoons, Jaysaun & Journalist 103 on their mutual song — Still Real & Raw. Real hip-hop at its best — complex rhyme-schemes and dope new-york style beat.
Also if you haven’t still, get the latest album from Snowgoons — Black Snow 2 at
iTunes Bonus Edition

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Mot1v / Chillcompilation #003: March 2013 / Compilation

One of our producers Mot1v was featured on monthly instrumental compilation by Chillhop back in 2013. You can listen to the full compilation below.



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Afterburn / sillahill / EP

New EP from sillahill «Afterburn» is amazing mix of hip-hop with the best elements from electronic music. Check out and share EP below.

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Intro / Andrey Vend / Video

Check out new video by Andrey Vend with the beat from 9Yards. New album is coming.

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The Mashinegunz — Who Dat Drummah?

Fresh beat from the Mashinegunz labaratory.


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Method Man Remix / Etrill / Single

method man

Etrill — Method Man Remix Apr.26/2014

Our member Etrill made dope remix to one of the most legendary songs «Method Man» by the famous Wu-Tang. Check it here.


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New Beats / 9Yards / Beats


9Yards — New Beats Batch

Day by day, beat by beat our member 9Yards is getting closer  to forming his own, unique style and sound. Those are another eight beats, which bring 9Yards to another production level.  And once again his beats took a whole different direction. More street feel, more musical complexity and cleaner sound. Check out 9Yards New Beats Batch below.

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Garage Hip-Hop / the Mashinegunz / Single

garage hip-hop

The Mashinegunz — Garage Hip-Hop Apr.21/2014

New single «Garage Hip-Hop» from the upcoming second album by the beatmaker-brother duo. This track is what the Mashinegunz is all about. The most primitive, simplest sound EVER. Minimalism to its finest — limited number of instruments and samples. The whole single was made from just sampling two songs. NO instruments, NO other samples. What is interesting — bands that Mashinegunz sampled are rock bands, which is unusual for hip-hop, where blues, funk and jazz are more used to.

This beat is perfect example of how easy it is to make a real garage hip-hop from the rock sound.  Two tracks went though the mincer of MPC2000xl — Aerosmith — Walk This Way and The Seeds — A Faded Picture.


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